The Emerald is one the four most precious stones in the world and one of the most popular in jewelry stores. Its resistance is of 7,5 to 8 in the mohs scale and it is convenient and requires a lot of attention from jewelers when creating a piece of jewelry.

The precious stone is part of the Berilo family, mineral that commonly appears in prismatic crystals in hexagonal base with many centimeters in length and usually in stretched texture. Its green color comes from the chrome and the vanadium where the green is more intense and of high quality.

The Mine

Formed by a team of professionals and specialists in various areas of operation, G44 Brasil S.A. got to the city of Emeralds with audacious determination and goals. The company is currently in the intermediation and crypto-coins market, introduces itself in the segment of extraction of precious stones and metals promptly with the objective of becoming the biggest mining company in the region of Campos Verdes-GO, Brazil.

A company that has in its possession a technological tool operated by a specialized team, it has itsproposal to bring innovation, security, commitment and quality of life , generating employment and income for the residents of Campos Verdes and the entire region. Beyond the concern with the environment and the maintenance of the local flora and fauna, it also brings professional qualification to all the employees and contributors, showing its concern not only with the profits but also the well-being of all.

The mine is located in Campos Verdes, GO Brazil, it is considered the capital of Emeralds. Great producer until the decade of 1990, the county of Campos Verdes now rescues its potential in the production of this precious stone and also the valuable byproducts like the shale.

Ground area

664.93 SQ FT2


Underground area

4133.34 SQ FT2



249 miles from Brasilia and 205 miles from Goiania.



Mining is the predominant economical activity of the county.


Farm (location)

G44 Brasil´s mine is located in the G44 Brasil farm in Campos Verdes GO, Brazil.



The subsoil is consist of shale, carbonate, chlorite and quartz.


One of G44 Brasil´s biggest concern is the environment and the maintenance of the local flora and fauna. Knowing the extreme importance of developing with excellence environmental management having in mind the concepts of social and environmental responsibility. Having continuous commitment with its ethical behavior and the economic development, promoting better quality of life and workforce.


Emerald is the oldest gem of humanity being commercialized in approximately six thousand years in Babylon.

In the old days, this stone was given to young girls as a talisman to protect and facilitate when they were giving birth. The egyptians believed that this stone was associated to fertility and rebirth.

Currently Brazil is the second biggest producer of Emeralds in the world. It is believed that the biggest Emerald in the world was found in Brazil, weighting 57 thousand carats or 11,4 kilos (kg), the piece was stoned in India.


G44 Brasil S.A was one of the companies that participated and sponsored the V (fifth) international fair of emeralds that happened from the 31th of August to the 2nd of september in the county of Campos Verdes GO, Brazil. The event had as its objective show Brazil its great potential in deposits of Emeralds in the region, being executed by the city hall, with the support of the city council, federal and state government and G44 Brasil.