Mining - Gold


Gold (Au) very known for being the symbol of richness, it is a noble chemical element, in other words, it is hardly oxidized. Yet if influenced by certain acids or in the presence of halogens, it shows an oxidation level that varies from +3 to +1. Its atomic mass measurement is respectively worth 79 and 197 u.


It is the most workable metal: approximately 1g (gram) of gold could be rolled into 1m2 (3701 inches). For this, metals like silver and copper are used for the expansion of tenacity and consequent resistance of alloy, more than pure gold.


Due to being a noble metal, gold is little reactive. It is composed of chloroauric acid, gold dichloride and non-spontaneous oxides, beyond a complexed mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acids. To separate itself from the natural impurities, the metal is diluted in mercury.


The world´s gold reserves are about 90,500 tons per year.

Brazil has about 1, 9(or 1720 tons a year, the 10th biggest reserve).

It is located in the district of Lourenço-Calçoene-AP, Brazil.

The total area has 32 thousand hectares (79073, 732 Acres).

It has a permanent and irrevocable concession for exploration of the area provided by the DNPN (institution responsible for the exploration and extraction of gold).

The capacity of processing of the material from the sole is of 640 tons a day.


Gold is a commodity and as such is spread throughout the entire nature. In the sea´s depth and in the earth´s crust, where, for example, its concentration is almost 1kg to two hundred thousand tons of solid mass, this is in the lithosphere.

Because it is a rare metal in the nature and it has its price valued daily, gold has high commercial value introduced as a world monetary system of measurement, starting in the 1800s, the so called “gold standard”. With the outbreak of World War I, 1914, gold lost its importance to the dollar.

Industry Applications

Gold is very used in jewelry making, trophies, metals, computer supplies, many electronic circuits, coins and even sometimes in susceptible of chemical transformations, turning it suitable for cooking.

The formula of a 24k carat gold could be measured this way: 75% pure gold 24k+25% metallic alloys =18k gold 750 (good for jewelry).


One of G44 Brasil´s main worries are with the environment and the maintenance of the local flora and fauna. We know the importance of developing with excellence environmental management. Having in mind the concepts of social and environmental responsibility. We have ongoing commitment with our ethical behavior and with the economic development, promoting improvement, workforce and quality of life. 


Gold is a great electricity and heat provider. However, by non-viability, it is practically unusable for these purposes. 

Besides the charm and ostentation that carries, gold (the isotope form Au 198) is used in cancer treatment, in the processes of photography (such as chloroauric acid) or like coating satellites, for being excellent reflector of infrared radiation.

Since antiquity there is evidence of the existence and need of gold. There are traces of its passage in the holy bible and in hieroglyphs written in Egypt approximately 2.600 B.C, therefore there is no unanimous responsibility for its discoveries.

In the starting of the 1800s the world adopted gold as the standard coin so called “Standard Gold’. The end of gold was in the first half of the 20th century, with the outbreak of World War I, when the price was no longer able to meet the demands of war.